Reclaiming Old Wood

Completing a custom frame is not always about buying a new frame. Sometimes it is about using existing wood, frames or lumber.  Get creative with what you have and let us help you complete your vision. Below are examples of custom jobs we’ve finished that include wood that was either  customer provided or made with our in-house reclaimed wood.

Our good friend at Dovetailor Design Studio wanted to display an important fabric piece. The fabric was removed from an old chair in order to refinish. This piece holds cherished memories of a beloved family member. We’re glad to help and think it came out wonderful. Shipped and arrived safely.
This was a very special custom job. We selected, ripped, rabbeted, splined and stained a 3/4″ X 1 1/2″ profile. How great to have the pleasure of framing this rock legend by an amazing photographer for an amazing musician!
A finished shot of the framing we did for Lynne Doherty’s boardwalk photo. Come see us with your framing projects soon! Anytime Monday thru Saturday 10Am-6PM, no appointment necessary. Feel free to message our Insta page with any inquiries.
We’ve been making frames from discarded and collected woods. Reclaiming wood for frames that otherwise would have been tossed. How great to see a new-old wood frame on Sean Spellman’s artwork! What a great combination.
We were lucky to have framed these two important original works for MorganEve Swain by artist William Schaff created for Brown Bird’s Axis Mundi album! Both frames were ripped from 100 year old timber, splined and stained to match the artwork
Boards from a customers family barn were made into picture frames for the entire family. This is one way to keep it authentic.
This is a custom collage style frame for artist John Baker. All of the frames are from hand carved frames that were beyond repair (or beyond the worth of repair). One of the frames is 18th century! All have been reclaimed and contribute to the collage style paintings of Mr. John Baker.