Digital Restoration

Our restoration service is done in-house by owner Matt Slobogan and is not out sourced. Matt has been restoring photos since 2001 and continues to transform hundreds of damaged photos per year.

Preserving is what we do. Come see what we can do for you….

We can make your aged or damaged photographs look as good as new, sharpen blurry images, clarify, and lighten, brighten, and enrich gloomy and faded snapshots. Your completed work is printed on high quality lustre paper or 64lb fine art paper, and is, of course, then suitable for gorgeous framing! Finished photos are available from wallet sized up to 30″x40″ (depending on quality of the original). Keeping with our preservation tradition, we encourage everyone to take advantage of this service. Your photographs should look as good as they did 10, 20, even 100 years ago!

Pricing for digital photo restoration depends on the amount of damage and labor needed to correct rips, tears and color issues. The amount of repair needed (or requested) is determined¬† by categories such as “Light Retouching”, “Medium Retouching” up to “Heavy retouching”. Each category has its own price which reflects the level of difficulty and time necessary to correct damage. Please bring your original to us Monday through Saturday 10am-6pm and we will give you an accurate quote.